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4510 Starmount Dr, , , 27410
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I dodged a bullet on this one! I've interacted with Cato twice, and each time he reaches a new level of douchebaggery. The first time I made an appointment for a showing he ditched us. We rescheduled, he ditched us again! Wouldn't return calls or emails. Two weeks later he called asking if we still needed a place. Not from you, buddy! I should have learned, but a year later I made an appointment to look at an apartment. He of course showed up late in his jaguar, and upon giving me an application told me "I am the one who makes ALL the decisions, if I'm going to let YOU live on MY property, we are going to do it MY way." And proceeded to tell me I would need a cosigner, even though I have a degree from an esteemed university, make more than quadruple the rent at a job I've had for 6 months. He assumes everyone is a child that he can manipulate and he acts accordingly.

To hold this man accountable you must report him to the Better Business Bureau. Online venting has no effect on this thinly veiled slum lord.

big mistake
Cato is a terrible terrible landlord. He avoids contact with tenants at all costs. I called 2x a day and emailed daily for a copy of my lease and still dont have it. He treats every one like they are stupid. He lies. He does not respond to emails or phone calls. It took a month of angry harassment to get a hole in my bedroom floor fixed. He makes up rules and is so rude and inconsiderate. Do not rent ffrom him. If you want to save money and live somewhere decent anything associated with catos name is the exact wrong place to be.

Catos Crappy Attempt at Realty
Don Cato is THE worst land lord i have ever met. we signed an 18 month lease. when we went to sign the lease a few weeks before move in date, two center blocks had been thrown through two windows of the house we were about to rent! this should have been a hugeeeee sign. however he promised to have the windows fixed by the time we moved in. this of course didnt happen. we moved in with cardboard over two bedroom windows. talk about creepy! the house used to be a duplex, so the power bill was in two seperate accounts. there was a black widow infestation, mice, and terrible bugs all over the house. he promised to fix a porch fan, and give us a key to a patio door. we later learned that the side deck wasnt safe or sturdy enough to rent the house out so he just locked that door and never spoke to us again about it. the ac broke in the summer, it was 93 degrees INSIDE the house, called cato to tell him that it was rediculous and to fix it, he told me to 'email him with my minute problems'... we stayed at a hotel for an entire week! after this, we realized the best way to stay in catos good graces and possibly get our deposit on 1000 dollars back was to just never speak to him, and pay rent on time. we were SO happy to finally move out. if you want a landlord that gives a sh**..stay away from cato. he was very nice up until the lease was signed. the bathrooms didnt have vents so mold grew everywhere. there was no fridge and the dishwasher wasnt hooked up until atleast 2 months into our lease. he is most def. a slumlord that only rents to college students so he can try to get away with being a spineless weirdo who doesnt fix anything. i hope all his houses are condemned and foreclosed. terrrrrrible experience.

Do not Rent from this Scumbag
Don is basically a used car salesman whose product is over-priced, under maintained "apartments" that he markets toward college students. But chances are, if you're googling reviews of this guy, you already have your suspicions. So run! Run in the opposite direction. Its worth paying just a little more to avoid the problems you will have with Don. Only two of the items on our move-in inspection were ever fixed, and they were problems with the parking area... not to mention the laundry list of things wrong with the apartment. Don is impossibly hard to contact and leaves even serious problems (like A/C not working) for tenants to deal with. Don't waste your time or money in any of his properties- even those that appear nice ("newly refurbished", "fireplace", or "attic for storage" are all things you will see in his misleading craigslist ads), but underneath the places are still trash. Not to mention he shows up unannounced to show the apartment, whether you're home or not. Stay away from this creep, especially if you're a female- he will make you extremely uncomfortable.

Save yourself the trouble, Don Cato is a crook! We signed a 13 month lease with him and have been regretting so since day one. Don seems like a nice guy, but trust me, it's an act. He promised us two keys on move in day. We called him and asked him if we could pick them up because we were locked out, he told us to 'grow up' and figure it out on our own. We eventually had to take the key from the pad lock and get copies from that. We filled out paper work with all of the repairs that needed to be done to the property, he had yet to fix any of those problems (my lease is up this month). Our stove has two working burners, they water heater is broken and our AC is broken. This man out right refuses to take phone calls and says the only way to reach him is via e-mail or fax. He prays on college students so he can get alway with not fixing anything. We recently found out our house is being foreclosed, we've paid him each month and on time. Where is our money going? Save yourself the trouble, I beg you, DO NOT RENT FROM DON CATO, HE IS A CROOK!!!

Don't Even Bother Calling!
I didn't know much about Cato realty when I drove by a house that was for rent with his sign in the yard. I was looking to move soon so I called the number. He answered with "Yeah" and I told him I was interested in renting a property near Spring Garden. He then asked me when my semester ended. I told him I just graduated and was working at the time. He abruptly interrupted me and said "That's college neighborhood". I told him I understood that it had several students in the area but that it was also a residential area. He interrupted me again and said "You figure out what you want and call me back" and then hung up on me. Extremely rude - don't even bother calling the number on the signs. Not worth the wasted time.

Save yourself the headache, and run the other direction!
My son rented from him. Property was not great, repairs never made, washer and dryer never worked, and much more. Also, he tricked my naive son into signing a 15 mo lease instead of a 13 mo lease as discussed. Now, 9 months after he moved out (all rent payments made and according to lease terms) he sends a letter billing him for rent payment and late fee, and of course, an account of damages and bill to fix them. Luckily, lawyer ready and waiting for his response, and luckily, Don Cato is not very intelligent as he completely ignored NC landlord and tenant laws. Please save yourself the trouble and headache and if he owns a property you think you might be interested in, run the other direction!

bad but not bad enough
Don Cato has been sketchy from the start. He's full of promises with few actual results. Yes, it took 48 days for him to finally complete our move-in inspection repairs. This, of course, only because of our persistent emails. We've had other repairs never fully addressed and he does not take service calls over the phone. This is a problem when he doesn't return emails either. He takes advantage of people who don't have enough money to live in a better place. Yes, we need to live too. In short, the condition of his apartments are bad but just barely up to standard legally to cover his back. My advice, yes, walk away when he's 20 min late for your first showing with's only downhill from there.

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